Luca Bosani

With ‘KNAVES OF RADIANCE (Bang Bang)’ my interest is in cutting through conventions of communication, causing stereotypes to collapse and visual lexicons to be reconfigured. The interstitial areas between codified thinking patterns are expanded and highlighted. Codes of masculinity are hacked triggering unexpected configurations, proto-choreographies and hybridization. Performance, fashion design and painting meet in the search of unexplored artistic territories.

The hyper-masculine approach is dissected and questioned. Seduction, violence and surprise all contribute to the realization of the work. Gendered clichés are rearranged and piled up together to the point where roles are unclear and actions become symbolic carriers of layered meanings. My final attempt is to introduce a new visual vocabulary promoting social and cultural alternatives to current biopower structures.

Luca Bosani is currently artist in residence and Lecturer at Kensington and Chelsea College, London. In 2017 he obtained a MA in Performance (Contemporary Art Practice) at the Royal College Art, London. He recently presented, commissioned by Nine Elms on the South Bank, the live performance ‘KNAVES OF RADIANCE (Bolan edition)’ as part of Nine Elms Public Art programme. In May 2018 he presented his first UK solo show ‘Performing the unknown’ at the Kensington and Chelsea College Gallery.