Chris Klapper and Patrick Gallagher


Dataatadata, concentrates on the aesthetic and conceptual theme of the beauty of raw information.  We began to explore this as our subject and work with the abstract connections between selected information and how it is absorbed.  We’ve found tremendous concepts hidden within seemingly esoteric data that expresses deep philosophical and existential ideas tied together in what we’ve come to know and appreciate as the poetry of numbers.

Chris Klapper and Patrick Gallagher, a married Brooklyn based duo, embarked on their first direct collaboration with their hugely successful installation, Symphony in D Minor, a self contained thunderstorm, which is now part of the permanent collection of Hydropolis Museum in Wroclaw, Poland. Their work is multimedia and multidimensional, their subject matter is driven by specific projects, environments and experiences. Overall, they look to explore new technologies and to use them to express immense ideas on a human scale; employing sound, sculpture, video, projection mapping, composites, digital new media and performance.

Over the past seven years, their collaboration has brought each of their strengths, personal expertise and vision together in a way that accelerates each project in to more ambitious territories. Their current collaborative series, Dataatadata (a play on Dadaism), concentrates on the conceptual theme of the beauty of raw information and the poetry of numbers. Chris and Patrick’s art has exhibited in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Oklahoma, Spain, Italy and Poland.

Their works have been written about around the globe, in Fast Company, The Atlantic, Designboom, Creators Project, TSpain: The New York Times Style Magazine and Wallpaper to name a few and they have received grants The Brooklyn Arts Council and Black Rock Arts Foundation.